Dheeone.com does not know what it is trying to do here. Well... In the US, college sports are so popular and I did not know about it at all before transferring to a 4-year college. The US is one of the best countries and it offers so many opportunities to its citizens and non-citizens. I got a good Spanish friend who played for the basketball team. She is warm, carm, and wonderful person. Fans love her and I could see it after every game. I love her, too. Being a student-athlete is such a privilege. It seems that some American people do not like non-American taking spots for teams. I was hoping Dheeone.com could be helpful to kids oversea while I was building. But I noticed that it did not need to be that specific. Now, I am trying to make it useful for everyone loving NCAA sports. The US is an incredibly rich country and NCAA governs many sports. I hope Dheeone.com make your life better every day. By Shin.